Truckloads of fresh blooming plants are arriving daily to fill up our Annual Houses, Perennials Dept., and Flowering Shrubs section.  The Trees are blooming and we just received Tropicals in bloom and for foliage (gorgeous sunny patio plants and year round house plants), potted herbs & veggies, 4″ to 10″ pots and flats of Annuals, and beautiful hangingRead More

Trees.  They are the focal point in our landscapes and the gathering place in our gardens.  Their branches hold the morning songbirds and provide shelter for wildlife in all seasons.  Their flowers, eagerly awaited by humans and pollen hungry bees, are some of the earliest to bloom in Spring, exploding with life and color just when we need it most!  Cooling ourRead More

Again, a huge thank you to all of those who took the time to vote Grandma’s Gardens “Best Garden Center” in Dayton Magazine’s reader poll and at the Best of Dayton finalist party in November. We wouldn’t be here without all of you supporting us for these 35+ years. We’re humbled by your generosity and gratefulRead More