Welcome Spring with Perky Pansies!

It’s official — Spring is here!  As temperatures warm, or even if it stays cool out there, why not plant some happy, hardy Pansies? They will liven up your landscape, perk up your pots, and cheer you up with their happy little flowers.  Available in packs or flats, pots or bowls, and baskets too.  Violas, sometimes called Johnny Jump-Ups, in stock too!



2 thoughts on “Welcome Spring with Perky Pansies!

  1. Kay Clark

    I just planted my pansies . They are my favorite spring flower. I picked 2 flats this week at your place . Well really just 1 as I didn’t think 1 flat would be enough for me. Anyway I buy a ton of flowers every spring BUT I also have a beetle problem. Do beetles eat geraniums? I spray and I spray but they just keep coming. I need a full sun red flower for my deck as it is a patriotic theme. Hope you can help me. See you at the flat sale!
    Kay Clark

    • Marybeth

      Kay, I’ve never heard of beetles eating Geraniums. Not sure what kind of beetles, but I do know that Geraniums have that strong scent and can’t imagine they taste good either. When you come in for the Flat Sale, ask Candy about red Sunpatiens, the 4″ potted Impatiens that can take full sun. Thanks for asking! See you soon.


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